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TFS On The Road
is a WP7 client for TFS that you have been waiting!!! It is one of the first TFS Odata Services client application published on Windows Phone 7 Market Place! And the best, it is completely FREE!!! Click here to download it from the WP7 Market Place.

Requirements to have it running

  • Install the App from WP7 Market Place (App name is "TFS On The Road")
  • Have a TFS Odata Services instance available
    • The app is based on the TFS OData Services Beta released recently by Microsoft. So you need to have this part working to start using TFS On The Road.

Scenarios to have a TFS OData Service

If you want to access CodePlex TFS, your life is easier because Microsoft already hosted a CodePlex TFS ODATA Service under Besides your TFS username/password you need to know the project collection that you are planning to connect to. Click here to understand better how to connect to CodePlex TFS.

 If you want to access your Own TFS you will need to install the TFS Odata Service to your environment and make it available over the web (IIS would be the easier way). To have more information on setting up your environment, click here. Basically when you install the bits there's a whole documentation with the installation procedure. It would not take much time to have it running. Once the TFS OData Service is available you can start using the App! Good Job!

The Application

Once the App is installed you will find it on your Program List. Optionally you could add it as a tile to the Start Page.


When you run it, just after the Splash screen, you will be prompted for the Access information of your TFS. One important thing is also the Profile name, which will be the name that you will identify this settings later, mainly on scenarios when you want to have multiple servers configured by the Application(Yes, it supports it! J)



You can click on the More Information button if you want to understand more about the requirements (explained above). Once you fill all connection information the OK button will be available. Just click to get there.


Application navigation Map

The tree bellow presents the navigation structure of the Application.


After get connected you will get to the TFS Project list of the server you are connected to. As mentioned above, TFS On The Road supports that you add multiple servers to connect. To do so, just click on the "+" besides the Current Profile Name. After added it will be available on the Profile List(over Projects)


When you select a project you will access the Project Overview Page. It will give a better vision of the project by allowing you to see a summary chart of the existing work items, builds, changesets, branches and existing work Item queries.


The summary Work Items chart allows drill-down operations. Besides that, you can access detail information of all these lists, including Work Items attachments! The screenshots bellow covers the different areas underneath the Project summary.

Build Details

Changeset Details

Branch Details

Work Item Query/Drill-Down Details

Work Item Details

Well, these are the features covered by the version 1.0 of the TFS On The Road. More will come. Some features that are planned to the future are:

  • Support to non-flat queries(today TFS OData does not support them)
  • Create more charts to
  • Support queue builds manually
  • Small modifications on Work Items
  • Add work Items attachments

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